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The Importance of Cargo Transportation by Helicopter in Afghanistan

Posted: August 11, 2012

Cargo transportation by helicopter in Afghanistan plays an important role in many different kinds of transports. When many forces were forced to move transporting of everything from mail to food from the ground to the air then many started to use helicopters as a reliable source of transportation for these items. However lately there has a problem in the cargo transportation by helicopter in Afghanistan. There seems to be a shortage of the available helicopters that are able to transport supplies to troops all over the country. This can cause a problem for not only the forces but also for the villages that are being helped by the supplies.

This makes many things increasingly difficult for troops and people in charge. Not being able to have reliable cargo transportation by helicopter in Afghanistan then there are many things that some trooper either are not getting or are not getting enough of. Many of the supplies are being transported by other methods such as other planes and sometimes even by ground. This poses a huge problem because the reason that the switch from ground to doing cargo transportation by helicopter in Afghanistan was made was due to the safety and time constraints of going by ground. Food and medical supplies are two of the most needed things in these situations and it’s very important that the transport of these things is not interrupted.

Many countries such as the United States have even tried to contact private companies in hopes of being able to gain some help with this problem. Cargo transportation by helicopter in Afghanistan is something that most forces don’t want to have to do without; it could create huge problems and make supplies a lot scarcer. Without the easier access of things like food and medical supplies then the help that could be going to towns a villages could slowly become even less and it could be a tragic thing. These helicopters are needed to make sure that everyone can get all the supplies they need. With this shortage happening at the moment then they is a chance that supplies will have to start to travel by ground, which can be much more dangerous and take a lot longer.

With many forces such as the United States looking into other options including private companies there is hope that perhaps this can be fixed and the number of helicopters in the Afghanistan can be increased. The United States military is doing everything that I can to try and ensure the use of the more helicopters in the upcoming months. Cargo transportation by helicopter in Afghanistan is a key component to keeping the forces safe and is a need that must be fixed. If people would understand that then surely some company or some helicopter service would be more than willing to lend their helicopters and maybe their pilots to the cause. People tend to understand when it comes to helping our military.