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The Dangers of Delivery of Supplies

Posted: August 11, 2012

In this day and age there always seems to be a group of people that is in great need of supplies. These people are often greeted with airplanes or helicopters that are bring delivery of supplies to these people. Many times these people are having problems because they are in a country or area that is struck with war or violence, and other times it can come after a huge natural disaster. There are many reason that the other places will send out a delivery of supplies to people that are in need of help. The problem many times that is faced with these situations is trying to make sure that the supplies can get to the people safely and without harm to pilots.

Many times people are in places that have been struck by a natural disaster that was nobody fault, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and many more of these earth shattering events can cause lack of supplies and lack of shelter. Many times countries and organizations will come through and send airplanes or helicopters as a way to get supplies to them. The people that are often at these sites welcome the delivery of supplies and at times there can even be panic when everyone tries to get to them all at once. This can make it hard because sometimes it seems like there is never enough to go around for everyone that is in need. Therefore many times more shipments of the delivery of supplies continue to be made for as long as is possible and as long as I needed.

In other situations then supplies are needed because there are people and villages that are in the middle of a war zone or of a violent outburst. The problem with these areas is that even if a delivery of supplies is scheduled then sometimes they supplies don’t even get to the people that they need to get to. There are many times that forces outside the ones trying to help are taking over and there isn’t much that can be done sometimes even by the people sending in the delivery of supplies. The thing to remember is that these supplies can often times be food, but they can also be medical and even housing supplies. Sometimes forms of clothes are dropped even flip flops so that people at least aren’t barefoot.

Delivery of supplies would seem like it would be a good thing and not really that hard. However depending on the location that the delivery is taking place it can be a very dangerous and a very difficult task. Many times the delivery of supplies can be hampered with gunfire and violence in some areas. Usually the natural disaster areas that need to be helped are the ones that aren’t that dangerous. Assuming that the bad weather has been out of the area for a long while. Respect needs to be given to those people that help others and put their lives on the line to deliver supplies to those that are in great need.