OUR Partners

Hely Sky Inc works with government and commercial MRO, who are the world leaders of Mi-8/ Mi-171 / MI-26 Helicopter repair. Our partners are listed below:.

Our partners include such companies:

  • SkyLink Aviation Inc. is a Canadian based international aviation group offering project management, air charters, aviation support, aircraft maintenance, air charter, flight planning and clearance services.
  • Established in 1997, Helisota Ltd. is the only technical maintenance, overhaul and upgrade facility for Mi-8/17 helicopters in the Baltic states.
  • Supreme has been operating as an airlift services provider since early 2002 in support of NATO multinational Forces, the United Nations, and the United States military across three continents.
  • "SPARK", is a aircraft repair company in St. Petersburg.
about us
Heli Sky Inc was founded in 1998 by Mr. Kirill Stadnikov. Heli Sky Inc has been working at the aviation operations’ market for many years and has the rich experience in flight, maintenance and commercial operations of helicopters. Heli Sky Inc fleet consists of Mi-8T and Mi-8MTV helicopter types and AN-74 aircraft. Mi-8 MTV helicopter type is a deserved leading helicopter type for operations in mountainous areas (high altitude pick up and drop), sling load operations, non-standard cargo uplift as well as it proved its excellent performance in passenger transportation and MEDEVAC operations. AN-74 known, as a reliable two turboprop engines ramp aircraft with the maximum payload of 8.5 tons. Heli Sky Inc. flight and ground (engineering) crews have rich experience of work in Afghanistan, Pakistan and African countries. Our pilots have the deserved respect of NATO contingents and international governmental (UN) and non-governmental organizations.
Our main aim is FLIGHT SAFETY. Heli Sky Inc aircraft and helicopters are always supported by all necessary spare parts, lubricants and the team of experienced ground engineers, wherever the aircraft positioned.
Any out of base positioned aircraft has the necessary quantity of spare parts and main units at the airport of temporary position and always supported by the engineering team.

Heli Sky Inc. is focused on delivering a professional service in the most demanding of conditions, utilizing pilots and staff who have operated in some of the world’s most dangerous and hard to reach countries, using multiple Russian made airframes.

Our company owns multiple Mi-8MTV (Mi-171) and MI-26 Rotary aircraft, which are located internationally, in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, The Russian Federation, with a plan to increase our operations within Africa, Saudi Arabia and India.

Today Heli Sky Inc. is as an efficient and fast developing company, with a diverse clientele, including international governments and their agencies, Energy Companies and Relief Aid Organizations worldwide.

We are always attempting to take the next step forward, to deliver the best quality to our Customer, helping them to achieve their goals cost-effectively.
“Helicopters are our passion”.