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Heli Sky Inc. took part at the exhibition Dubai Helishow 2012

Posted: November 17, 2012

Our company participated in the exhibition Dubai Helishow 2012, which took place in the UAE in November 2012. Order to participate in this exhibition, were arrived to the Emirates, CEO, the top management, as well as the country, regional and area managers of Heli Sky Inc. Several domestic television stations and channels are interested in our services. Director and managers gave an interview to respect to the purpose of participation in this exhibition, activities of the company and development prospects. During the exhibition, our booth were visited by over than hundred people. Exhibition - it is the place where we met up with our foreign and international partners in an informal atmosphere. Also we had a friendly and business meeting with our customers. Thanks to Helishow, we had the opportunity to meet new potential clients, also received consultations on software upgrade installed on our aircraft, including new technological developments. We wish to thank organizers of Dubai Helishow 2012, for hosting this thematic and highly specialized exhibition.
We will be glad to see you on the Dubai Helishow 2014.