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Training center "Heli-Center"

Our training center is the result of years of experience in the pursuit of continuous improvement processes. We understand that the requirement in training, coupled with developments in technology and human talent, are a guarantee of transfer of technology to the service our customers. We are passionate connoisseurs of Helicopter MI 17 and its different versions, which allows us to present innovative academic proposals for crews that are trained here. Our location ensures proper isolation required for academic activities and proximity to the Adriatic Sea, the perfect place to recover the rest of the flight task demands.


Rotary Aircraft

Heli Sky Inc. are providing a safe and reliable air transport service, utilizing professionally maintained Helicopters. Types: Mi-8T/Mi-8MTV/Mi-8AMT/Mi-171/Mi-26 and Ka-32. A number of operations are listed below:

  • Airborne PAX transportation (up to 24) including VIP movements, Para drops and Sightseeing;
  • Internal loads and External sling loads (up to 4000kgs);
  • Precision flying for the installation of power lines, ski lift and rope lines etc.
  • Pipeline/Power line inspection and patrol;
  • SAR and Medevac, Night and Day Operation;
  • Offshore flights for Oil Rigs, the support of vessel offload;
  • Aerial survey;
  • Long term leasing ACMI based or full board service.

Fixed Wing

Heli Sky Inc. fixed wing operation is conducted using the Russian madeAntonov and Ilyushin Aircraft.

  • Bulk cargo loads up to 45000kgs;
  • Heavy vehicles;
  • DG and hazardous materials;
  • Relief and humanitarian help and support.


Our main aim is FLIGHT SAFETY. Heli Sky Inc. aircrafts and helicopters are always supported by all necessary spare parts, lubricants and the team of experienced ground engineers, wherever the aircraft positioned.

Our company is known as the company, that never has long time demurrage cause of aircraft malfunction.

Big maintenance forms (overhauls) are done on Russian aviation repair plants – "356 ARZ" (Engels, Saratov Region), "SPARK" (St. Petersburg).

Various medium maintenance forms are done on the main "SAEMES" Air company base in Kyrgyz Republic (Bishkek airport, Manas) or on Tajikair company base in Dushanbe.

Heli Sky Inc. keeps the aviation (helicopters and aircrafts) spare parts stores in different regions – SAIF ZONE, Sharjah, UAE; Kabul airport, Afghanistan; Dushanbe airport, Tajikistan.

Any out of base positioned aircraft has the necessary quantity of spare parts and main units at the airport of temporary position and always supported by the engineering team.


We have contracts with Crew Training Center of Academy of Civil Aviation in St. Petersburg and Training Center of Aviation Repair Plant "SPARK" (St. Petersburg). It allows us to keep the pilot's high level qualification.

All the crew are fluent in English. Every crew member has the aviation English knowledge not less than level 3 ICAO.